Our Story


The idea of GameMadeEz starts in 2015 when the founders, while playing a Call of Duty multiplayer competition, begin to think about new ways of improving their gaming performance.

The prolonged exposure to the screen was causing eye strain with a direct negative impact on the game performance. For this reason, they begin to think about new ways of radically improve the situation and reduce the eyestrain during the game.

After some research and studies, they came to the conclusion that the feeling of eye fatigue and discomfort was caused by the prolonged exposure to the screen and more in general to all devices that emit the high energy light called ‘blue light’.

Blue light comes from a variety of common technologies with LED screens like smartphones, computers, tablets, televisions etc.

The research has led to the discovery of specific lenses capable of filtering the blue light (with a wave length between 400 – 495 nm) thus dramatically reducing its negative effects. The use of blue light filtering glasses brings the following benefits:

  • Reduces the eyestrain and eye redness
  • Improves the quality of sleep
  • Enhances the in-game performance for professional gamers

Many glasses have been tested by the GameMadeEz team, many of which do not meet the needs of professional gamers, until they find a selection of the best lenses on the market that meet the requirements.

Starting with a 20 years’ pro-gaming experience and the knowledge of the best blue light filter lenses, they create GameMadeEz. A portal that collects the best gaming glasses carefully selected by gamers for gamers.